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Learn About Let The Food Out

Hey there!

I’m Kyle, the guy behind this blog and…well you guessed it, I love food! I love reading about it, taking pictures of it, making it with my family and friends and even writing about it. So much so that it became obvious that I should be doing more with my pictures and ideas than just leaving them in the camera roll or notes on my phone, so I decided to start this blog and base it off of this idea: home-cooked, healthy, INEXPENSIVE and tasty meals can be easy, fun and I promise you can most definitely do it. (alongside anyone else like your friends, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, son/daughter, father/mother, etc.)

To add to this borderline obsession, I’ve had this feeling for the last few years that working 40 hours a week was not for me. I missed my family big time, and knew that living that way would be the death of me. It was very apparent what I had to do, so finally I did it…I quit my job to be with my family, to dedicate my time to what really matters most in life, and to focus more on what I like to do, not what I’m forced to do. All of that being said, why wouldn’t I start a food blog?

It grinds my gears to hear people say that they can’t cook. I literally want to grab them and say “yes you can, let me show you!” Now I can’t go around grabbing random people, but what I can do is show how I do things, and put it out there in hopes that someone can check it out and gain some knowledge. I’m not a professional chef by any means, but I’ve come a long way from eating out every other day and cooking packaged meals from the freezer. You’ll see that I’m just like you because I’ll mention my mistakes, but show you how to avoid them. I think you’ll quickly see you can throw together a home-cooked meal with a little guidance, after all, that’s how I’ve learned everything that I know.

In my recipes and in the blog in general, I’m sure you’ll pick up a southern influence. You’ll definitely see that a lot, but I like most styles and types of food. I also really like trying new dishes, and taking what I’ve picked up from them and incorporating them into every day, go-to recipes. My hope is to bring an all-out arsenal of all different kinds of food to this blog, and present them in a way that is easy to follow, and easy to prepare for anyone.