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About Kyle and Let the Food Out

Hey there! I’m Kyle, the creator and writer of this food blog, Let the Food Out.

My Family and I

I’m from a place you’ve probably never heard of before in the Northern part of Virginia called New Market. If you remember, you probably learned about my town when you learned about the Civil War. (Or maybe you already know about it, ya Civil War buff) New Market is the town that cadets from V.M.I. marched all the way to and helped the South out when they needed them most. There’s a post in town that is rumored to have stopped and artillery shell, which in turn, saved General Breckenridge’s life. We have a total of 3 stop lights, AND we just got a Dunkin Doughnuts!

I’ve lived here my whole life, (give or take 10-20 miles) and had become accustomed to the culinary standards around here. Basically meaning, the meat and potato way of life. Where there was no “oil” used, only lard. Any meat was used to make gravy at some point, and meat had to be served with every meal. Full disclosure: I loved everything about that food, THEN. Honestly, given what I learned and where I am now with my taste and food that I enjoy, I wouldn’t have traded that for the world. It’s just that, my arteries might be a little worse for wear. What’s done is done, and I cherish all of my food memories from that time in my life.

Fast forward to today:

I rent a house about 5 minutes from my grandparents (where I was raised) and mom. I’m about 1 minute from my aunt. I married a gorgeous massage therapist who had two daughters coming into our marriage and we’ve had a son of our own. Right now, the kids ages are 15 (girl), 10 (girl), and 3 (boy).

Yeah…you’re telling me…

Quite the household right now.

about let the food out

I haven’t made it very far away from where I started, but what I lack in distance moved, I’ve made up for in my more adventurous, curious, and every growing taste for any and all things food and life in general. AND to add to this thirst (or hunger) for new food and new ways to prepare it, I’ve also moved towards a life a being primarily vegetarian/vegan. This is for a lot of reasons, but I’ll hit the highlights:

-I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in my late teens. Basically, any given food on any given day can give me excruciating stomach aches and other symptoms associated with that. That said, cutting animal based products helps me MAJORLY. At first It seemed like just dairy, but when I cut my steady diet of meat down, and low and behold, the stomach aches receded as well. AND my whole family has been eating this way too, and have ALL benefited majorly from this.

-Someone close to us recently had a son who was essentially diagnosed with kidney disease before he was born. He’ll never smoke anything, drink any alcohol, eat any dairy, meat, or animal based product. What’s more, is the little guy could need a kidney in the next few years. IF he does, he’ll need a clean kidney. Clean meaning the most vegan/vegetarian kidney that is a match for him. This is the second major reason why my family and I have made this change in our lives.


So enough about me and the food that I like and eat on a normal basis, what the heck is the deal with the blog?

Originally, I started the blog when I took the plunge and quit my full time job back in March to pursue a more family oriented and entrepreneurial way of life.

Basically, I believe that 40 hours a week is TOO LONG TO BE AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY.

There I said it.

This may be ok with you, but it wasn’t for me. It was making me physically sick. So I quit and started this blog within a week.

speedy veggie chili

I started it because I love cooking, I immensely enjoy food and learning all about it, and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at photography. A food blog seemed like the way to go.

The message in the beginning was simple: I wanted to show everyone that cooking fresh, homemade meals with real ingredients isn’t as hard as most people think. I get tired of hearing everyone say that they can’t cook. Anyone who says that hasn’t burned something and then got back in the kitchen and tried to make it again. They’ve given up after making what could be the tiniest of mistakes. Trust me, I make plenty of them.

Guess Who’s Back

Now, I’ve taken some time off from the blog the last few weeks, and I’m coming back with a similar, but different meaning. I still want to show as many people as possible that they can be a home cook and not buy frozen, boxed or processed meals that are full of dangerous ingredients. On top of that, I want to be more educative. I not only want to show people that they CAN cook, but that not ever meal has to had a giant slab of meat or be covered in cheese or a milk based sauce.

I feel that I would be doing a disservice to not show EVERYONE how someone like myself, raised on meat, lard, gravy and cheese wheels, can make the switch to a healthier diet, and ultimately a healthier lifestyle in general.

It can seem like the furthest thing away that you would be able to do, but that’s how I used to think too. I never though I would be able to live without meat in my life. Now, I can hardly stand the sight of a piece of steak. Granted, I do get cravings for meat and I still eat cheese and bake with eggs and butter sometimes. I’m not a full-fledged vegan or vegetarian. I am working towards that, however, and the progress so far pushes me to take it even further.

Essential Oils?

Even more so, you’ll see that I have a section at the top of my homepage titled “essential oils.” Before you roll your eyes and say Oh boy another crazy oiler, take a good look at the page. These oils were part of the huge change in my life that was sprung into motion by me quitting my job back in March. From a  medicinal and culinary standpoint, they literally, VERY LITERALLY changed the way I live my life. You will see me post about oils, how to use and cook with them, and how I use them and why.

Young Living Essential Oils

To jump to my page about essential oils and how you can get started with them, CLICK HERE


Take a look at my blog, and use it as a tool to give you the confidence to make REAL change in your diet. Even if it’s some of my earlier posts riddled with meats and cheeses. I’ve always tried cooking from a semi-healthy point of view, and all of these posts are filled with tips, tricks, advice, mistakes and stories from the kitchen. They are sure to make your laugh and boost that confidence.

From my family, myself, and the bottom of my heart, I hope this blog helps make a change in your life. Whether it means that you start cooking at home one more night a week, or if you start using essential oils in your everyday life, my ultimate goal is the help you in some way, shape or form.