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Essential Oils

Why I got started with Young Living, and how you can too

A few months ago, I was a skeptic when it came to essential oils. Sure, we had some that smelled good and all that, but I wasn’t sure of all the hype about it. My wife and I started hearing more and more about them and how they change people’s lives. 

We asked the questions over and over again…”Is this stuff legit?” And “should we be using this stuff?”

Thanks to a dear friends of my wife’s, we were brought into the oily life, almost by happenstance. This friend of ours, (a Young Living distributor) had posted something on Facebook about getting a free essential oil if you commented. Still curious about the oils, my wife commented to get her free one. 

lineup of Young Living Essential Oils

“It’s HERE!”

We got the oil in the mail, and it was Lime Vitality from Young Living. We huddled around the package, anxious as a child on Christmas to smell it, use it, even TASTE it. Before even comparing Young Living’s Lime to another brand of lime that we had, we knew this was a superior oil.

It LITERALLY smelled like you were smelling a lime that the guy that grew it just pulled off his tree, cut into it with his pocket knife and handed it to you. At that moment, I think, we knew that we needed to make the switch to the essential oil life style and we wanted to do it with Young Living. 

We had already done our research on what it took get started with Young Living and knew that we were ready to get our Premium Starter Kit. The “Seed to Seal” standard honestly sold this for me. It’s awesome how close of a relationship with the farmers that Young Living has. For more on Young Living’s Seed to Seal standard, click here.

Given the apparent quality and the steps the company has taken to ensure their quality, I think it’s safe to say:

 The Premium Starter Kit is THE BEST DEAL you could ask for, especially when getting started with the essential oil way of life.

The Starter Kit in Detail

I want to break down the Premium Starter Kit, to help you understand all you’ll get with it, and so you have all the info you need before you have the plethora of all that Young Living has to offer right in front of you. It can be a little intimidating because they have so many products, but let me try to steer you in the right way for starting out.

Here are all of the oils you’ll get with your Premium Starter Kit:

Lavender: Promotes calming, earthy and bright. For sleep aid, burns, cuts, dry skin, stress, headaches. 

(we use lavender more than any other oil)

Peppermint Vitality*: Very cooling and minty. GREAT FOR HEADACHES, heartburn, colds, fever, odors, gas, sunburn.

Lemon Vitality*: Like cutting into a lemon! Bright, uplifting and tough on sticky messes. Good for infections, cough, bug bites, AMAZING CLEANER, lethargy, anxiety. 

Copaiba Vitality*: Earthy almost musty smell. A resin drawn from a foreign tree. TEETHING BABIES (yes it works wonders), stress, anxiety, loose skin, muscle discomfort , acne. Supports and enhances attributes of all other oils.

Frankincense: A recorded cure-all since Ancient Egypt. Ladies love it for their skin. Good for inflammation, wrinkles, sunspots, scarring, calming and great for focus and concentration. (Meditation, prayer, yoga)

Thieves Vitality*: Does it all from cleaning to medication to smelling like the holidays. Known for supporting immune systems. Use for viruses, infections, flu, colds, tooth aches, sore throats and poison ivy. 

Purification: Used to purify, or basically to get rid of the bad stuff. My favorite use is for a bug repellant. Works wonders and smells awesome. Use for infections, acne, sore throats, cuts, bug bites, dirty air, mildew and bad odors.

R.C. (respiratory care): ANYTHING to do with maintaining your respiratory system or BREATHING. Can help with SNORING! Use for cough, chest colds, congestion, allergies, sore throats and even lung infections. 

DiGize: pronounced “dye-jyze.” AKA MY SAVING GRACE.

Maintains healthy digestion. It literally stops my stomach cramps while they’re happening and I can take it before I eat some…not so good for you food, and not worry about the repercussions. Use for upset stomach, reflux, gas, bloating, parasites, indigestion, heart burn. 

PanAway: Your “hot/cold” discomfort ointment replacement. Think of it as PAIN away. Use for sore muscles, swelling, stiffness, sciatica, bruising, stress and overworked tissues.

All of these are 5-ml bottles. 

*The oils marked with a ” * ” are labeled safe for internal use. Meaning you can take them in a capsule, in your water or my favorite, YOU CAN COOK WITH THEM!!!! They all have “Vitality” in the name and have a white label. 

The Vitality Line of Essential Oils from Young Living


You still with me? As I type it’s even more of a realization of how much you get with this kit. And that’s just the oils. You get more than that, friend.

Check it:

You get a DIFFUSER! A darn nice one from Young Loving. 

You get a bonus bottle of a Young Living blend called Stress Away with a roller ball fitting. It’s use is in its name. It’s one of the only oils you’ll find Vanilla in it, and let me tell you…it’s 85 drops of Heaven in a bottle. Just roll it on your wrists and behind your ears and drift off to paradise. 

You get some sample packets of peppermint, lavender, lemon, thieves and one you DIDN’T GET IN YOUR KIT: Peace and Calming. These are nice for women to stick in their purse and even better for you to share with your friends when they complain about a headache or bug bite. 

You get 10 tiny 2-ml sample bottles that you can give away to a friend to try out a specific oil. You can even mix up a little blend and use it personally if necessary. 

Besides the oils:

With the sample bottles you get business cards that you can attach your sample bottle to that has a short description of each of the most popular oils in your kit. 

You’ll get 2 sample packs of a drink that Young Living makes called NingXia Red. Pronounced “Ning-sha”. Basically it’s a superfruit supplement that includes a blend of essential oils and a purée of the almighty wolfberry along with some other super fruits. It provides energy and tons of nutrients that your body needs to be at it’s tip top shape. 

You’ll also get a few booklets, including your product guide which has all of the oils and other products that Young a living has to offer.

Also…There’s the Community

Besides the tangible items you’ll be getting, you also will be gaining access to a support community the likes of which you’ve never seen elsewhere. Hundreds of like minded people ready to answer any and all questions that you have. Whether a seasoned expert or someone that just purchased their kit, they all have a common goal. To be healthy, and to help other people do the same. AND to help YOU help others. You’ll be added to multiple

Facebook groups and be able to contact me DIRECTLY Day or night with any questions. We seriously have an amazing team backing us up and I wouldn’t have chosen a different one to be a part of. 

The “Damage”

I’m sure you’re asking, “What’s the price?”

The premium starter kit is $160 dollars.

No monthly charge, no yearly membership fee.

Just $160 one time.

That covers all the oils, the diffuser, the books, the oil samples, the Ningxia Red samples, the sample bottles and immediate ties to our community. This is literally an investment in you.

These oils have helped keep me out of the doctor’s office at least 2 times since getting them myself 4 months ago. They could help you in that way too, but trying them is what it takes to know.

Not the Only Option

The Premium Starter Kit is not the only way to get started with essential oils, but most certainly is the most beneficial. You can purchase as a retail customer, and pay the full retail price, which is 24% more that what you pay as a wholesale member after getting your kit.

There are also other kits that you have available to you, that may not offer as much for what you’re paying, but might be better suited for you and your needs.

If you click THIS LINK and then click retail, that will allow to purchase as a retail member. This is the same place you can purchase your Premium Starter Kit and become a wholesale member.

Email Me!

Again, this is something I would be more that happy walking through with you. And if I can’t answer your question immediately, I have someone at my fingertips who can answer it for sure.

Young Living Essential Oils and a Massage Oil and Sample Packets


If you want more proof of the value of this kit or the oils in general, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME. Not only are these oils invaluable because of their uses, you get them for a steal with the kit. I can break down the prices for you if necessary, but basically you’ll be saving about $165 dollars. 

So if you’re ready to make the switch to an ALL NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE way of life…


click here to get started!