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Taco Hummus with Simple Ingredients

Taco Hummus with Simple Ingredients


Hummus always seemed like a far-away country or something. You know it’s there and what it’s all about. You’ve gotten little tastes of this country through pictures, people or food even, but you won’t be going there anytime soon.

I had tried lots of hummus. Never any handmade though. It was always Sabra brand from the store. The price always killed me and I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I started making my own. I didn’t want to spend the money on this delicious (what seemed to be) commodity. Also, chickpeas are pretty affordable and pretty darn tasty too when prepared correctly.

Back in my store-bought hummus days, I never thought I would or even could make my own. Like I said before, it seemed so far away. So intangible.

Now, that is NOT the case. Granted, I’m sure most people wouldn’t consider my hummus to be “authentic.”

To that I say PFT!

The labeling of food to be authentic grinds my gears. Sure you can make something to the exact specifications that they’ve been using for hundreds of years and not change a thing and call it authentic. Who’s to say that it should be made that way for the rest of time?

In my mind, and this relates to aspects of life, if you do the same thing that everyone else is doing and in the same way, you will not set yourself apart. So if I were to make hummus with tahini and little else, then my hummus would be the same as everyone else’s.


No conforming to traditional standards. I’m a firm believer in making every dish your own, in your own unique way. If you want to make food that is truly amazing to YOU, then you need to make it for YOU. Find what you like, your favorite flavors, textures and cooking methods. Inject them into your dishes and ENJOY your food and preparing it.

minced jalapeno and garlic

It’s like the rich man vs poor man. Most people in the world think that because the rich man has tons of money that he’s extremely fulfilled and happy. Also that the poor man must be sad and unfulfilled. In reality we’ve all come to learn that’s not always the case. Money doesn’t make you wealthy. You determine what your wealth is. Whether it be a Maserati or a little cabin up in the mountains. You decide what makes you happy and you get it. Once you have it, then you’re wealthy and fulfilled.

The same translates to food. Tons of people like hummus. Obviously. But are they in love with the store bought hummus? Have they ever even tried to make it at home?

Maybe you think you would like hummus if you could change something about it or make your own variety.

YOU decide what’s in it and how YOU want to make it. Not everyone else in the world and definitely not some recipe. ( not saying to not use my recipes, just saying make them your own  😉)

*hops down off soapbox*


ingredients for taco hummus

I’m in love with the hummus because of the flavor and the consistency. The flavor seemed to be layered with the rich spices in the taco seasoning. The cool creaminess of the Greek yogurt (or sour cream) pairs perfectly with the heat of the jalapeño.

A little bit of the chickpea water from the can and the Greek yogurt both help to make it smooth and creamy. And last but not least, the lime. The lime seems to bring everyone together and makes them hold hands in a circle. It’s like the fire everyone gathers around. Plus, if you’re using the lime essential oils** then you can really dial in the exact amount you want in there. Of course you can use an actual lime too. You can have to juice it first and add the juice in a little at a time, which honestly I find to be a little more work than just opening a bottle and adding a few drops. JUST SAYIN’. Also, DON’T use just any essential oil.

Make sure it’s legibly and transparently approved for internal use and recommend to be used as such. THIS IS WHY I USE YOUNG LIVING, among many other reasons.

**If you’re interested in getting some oils of your own, head to THIS LINK or email me directly at letthefoodout@gmail.com to check em’ out and get into the oily way of life. **

finished taco hummus w/ lime

Anyways, I really hope you enjoy this as much as my family and I do. I’ve never been around another 3 year old that eats hummus like mine. I seriously have to fight him to not eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • 1 14oz can of chickpeas, drained and liquid reserved
  • 1 small jalapeno, minced (about 1-1.5 tsp)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp taco seasoning
  • 1/2-1 tsp salt, to taste
  • juice from 1/2 of a lime, or 5-10 drops of Lime Essential Oil **food grade like Young Living’s Lime Vitality**
  1. In bowl of a food processor, add chickpeas, jalapeno, garlic, yogurt, taco seasoning, lime juice and 1/2 tsp salt.
  2. Process until starting to become smooth. Use the chickpea liquid to thin while processing.
  3. Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly. Serve with tortilla chips, pretzels, pitas or use it as a sandwich spread.